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Pink and white rose funeral spray

Beautiful Funeral Flower Ideas

Published: December 13, 2023

Bright colour funeral flower spray

Flowers promote happy feelings and boost our mood during the most crucial occasions of our lives. Besides helping us make our anniversaries extra special, flowers are also perfect Mother’s Day gifts and help decorate weddings. And of course, most individuals send flowers to churches and funeral homes to express sympathy to family members and colleagues who lost their special one.

But, what are the best flower arrangements you can send to funeral homes, someone’s home or graveside ceremonies? This informative article aims to show beautiful, funeral flower ideas, and thoughtful funeral flower messages ideas.

General funeral flower ideas

Sending funeral flowers generally stands for a long-standing custom of expressing your sympathy. During those sad times, funeral flowers signify warmth, love & compassion and bring a hopeful message. Flower arrangements serve a dual function – comforting the grieving family and honouring the deceased’s life.

Prestige Flowers also offer a range of Sympathy flowers, which are suitable for different funerals.

You have countless options to consider if you want to select the best funeral flower arrangements that can help you express your real sentiments. These include:

Floral baskets and pots

Six flower arrangements in pots

Floral baskets are traditional types of funeral flower arrangements that consist of flowers spilling over the sides of a basket. You can use them to convey your deepest sympathies and condolences.


Pink rose wreath

Circular floral tribute, wreaths are often used as funeral decorations to honour the deceased’s life. They can also be sent as sympathy gifts to the bereaved family.

Standing spray

Yellow, white, purple flower bunch

A standing spray is a funeral arrangement designed to be displayed on an easel or stand. This floral tribute usually features flowers and plants arranged vertically, making it a perfect choice for graveside services.

Casket flowers

Wicker coffin

Although less common now, casket flowers used to be a popular type of funeral flower arrangement. This arrangement is designed to be placed on top or around the deceased’s casket during the viewing or service.

Funeral flower keepsake ideas

Good quality artifical flowers can be used as a lasting memory. When you send funeral flowers, you may include a keepsake to remember the deceased. Here are some of the best funeral flower keepsake ideas:

Preserve the funeral flowers

Colourful dried flowers

One of the most popular funeral flower keepsake ideas is to dry the flowers. You can do this by either drying or freezing the flowers. Chemicals such as silica gel are also used to dry and preserve flowers.

Turning flower arrangements into a garland necklace

Another popular option is to turn the flower arrangements into beads. You can do this by pressing the flowers and attaching them to a string or metal wire.

Flower garland necklace

Pressed flower artwork

Pressed flowers

If you want a more decorative funeral flower ideas that are a keepsake, consider pressing the flowers and turning them into artwork. You can either use an iron to press out creases or glue the flower petals onto paper.

Pressed floral jewellery

Daises in resin pendant necklace

If you want to wear the flowers, consider pressing them into resin and attaching them to a piece of jewellery. This jewellery can be anything from a necklace to a bracelet.

Place dried flower petals into resin ornaments

Red roses in resin balls

Another popular keepsake is to place the dried flower petals into resin ornaments. These strong resin ornaments are a lasting keepsake, and create a beautiful decoration for any room in your home. Resin kits can be purchased online. Paper weights, door stops, and ornaments can all be made from these resin kits.

Use dried flowers to decorate photo frames

If you want to keep a photo of the deceased close by, consider using dried flowers to decorate an image frame. You can use hot glue or wire to attach the flowers to the frame.

Pressed flower bookmarks

Pressed flower in book

If you love to read, consider using pressed flower bookmarks. This simple idea is a great way to keep the memory of the deceased close by while you’re reading your favourite book.

Placing flowers in shadow boxes

Dried purple flower in glass case

For more lasting funeral flower ideas try placing the buds in shadow boxes (glass-front display case) if you want a more three-dimensional keepsake. You can use this to display your funeral flowers or keep the memory of the deceased.

Floral candles

Leaf in wax candle

Another beautiful flower keepsake idea is transforming the funeral flowers into a floral candle. This craft project can also double as an activity for children or grandchildren.

Paper crafting with funeral flowers

Consider using funeral flowers in paper crafting projects if you’re looking for a crafty way to remember the blooms. This idea could include anything from using dried flowers for making cards to scrapbooking layouts.

Funeral flower Ideas for a Man

When it comes to funeral flower arrangements for a man, there are generally fewer choices when compared to floral arrangements for women. This is because many people prefer to choose more masculine colours. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t send your respect stylishly! Here are some of the best, unique funeral flower ideas for men:

Single stem Rose

Red rose

A single stem rose, or bouquet of roses is always a classic choice for funeral flower arrangements for men. You can choose a red rose to symbolise love and respect or any other colour to match the man’s personality. A single rose is a traditional symbol of remembrance and loss. This arrangement is a great option if you’re looking for a simple but elegant funeral flower arrangement.


White gardenia

The gardenia is another popular option for funeral flowers for men. This flower is often associated with masculinity and strength, making it the perfect choice for a memorial service.


White orchid

The orchid is a delicate flower that can represent the unique and special qualities of the man who has passed away. This flower is also often associated with luxury – making it ideal for high-end funeral services.

Tall and sturdy arrangements

Consider using flowers like lilies, gladiolus, or sunflowers if you want a tall and sturdy arrangement. These flowers are often associated with masculinity and strength, making them the perfect choice for a man’s funeral.

Bouquet of strong-scented flowers

If you’re looking for a bouquet that will stand out, consider using strong-scented flowers like lilies or gardenias. These flowers will fill the room with a beautiful fragrance.

Casket sprays of mixed flowers

Bright funeral flower spray
White rose and lilley funeral flower spray

A casket spray is a great way to show your respects to the deceased. You can choose any flowers you like.

Funeral flower Ideas for a Woman

When it comes to funeral flower arrangements for a woman, there are more options when compared with men. Here are some of the best, unique funeral flower ideas for women:

Bouquet of pastel flowers

A bouquet of soft pastel flowers is a beautiful way to show your respects to the deceased. You can use any bloom you like, but lighter more feminine colours are often popular, such as white roses with fragrant lilac freesias

Shaped wreath of mixed flowers

Heart shaped bright flower wreath

If you’re looking for funeral flower ideas that are simple yet elegant, consider sending mixed flowers arranged into an eye-catching shaped wreath. You can choose any type or colour of flowers that represent your sentiments towards the deceased. However, it is a thoughtful idea to use  a colour palette that reflects the deceased’s favourite colours and flowers.

Sustainable dried flower wreaths can often be an attractive alternative to a cut flower wreath.

Bouquet of Roses and other flowers

If you’re looking to send funeral flower ideas for women, consider sending a bouquet of roses as well as other types of flowers. You can use any colours, and of course roses mixed with other flowers.

Lotus flower arrangements

White & pink lotus flower

The lotus flower represents faith and peace in many cultures. If you have several flowers at your disposal, consider the lotus flower.

Bouquet of dainty flowers

Purple hand pose of flowers

If you’re looking for a dainty and understated bouquet, consider using flowers like daisies, violets or pansies. These flowers are often associated with innocence and delicacy.

Casket spray of mixed flowers

Large peach & pink coffin flower spray

A casket spray is an excellent way to show your respects to the deceased. You can use any flowers, but it’s best to stick with small flowers that are easy to arrange.

White flowers are often associated with purity and innocence. If you’re looking for something more traditional, consider arranging white roses or lilies into a casket arrangement. This idea is an excellent funeral flower keepsake that can be created at home in dried flowers.

Funeral flower Ideas from Grandchildren

Funeral flowers can be comforting for the deceased’s family at the funeral of the special grandparent. As a grandchild, you have several funeral flower options to select from. Examples of funeral flower ideas you can consider are:

Casket enclosure of mixed flowers

Bright funeral flower wreath

If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful funeral flower, consider sending mixed flowers arranged in an enclosure. You can use any flower that the deceased loved most.

Casket spray arrangement of Roses and Lilies

Roses are often associated with love, and lilies are mostly considered funerary flowers because they were used to decorate tombs in ancient Egypt. Consider sending a casket spray of roses and lilies if you’re looking for funeral flower ideas that are an arrangement.

Bouquet and teddy bear

Teddy bear with flowers

A bouquet and a teddy bear are excellent ways to show your love for the deceased. You can choose any flower you like, but it’s best to select a soft and cuddly teddy bear.

Garden stone with or without flowers

Hope garden memorial stone

If you want to give the family of the deceased a funeral flower keepsake that they can cherish for years to come, consider sending a garden stone with or without a bible verse.  

You could consider sending a garden stone with flowers,  and personalise the garden stone with the deceased’s name or personal inscription.

Coffin arrangement of Roses

Coffin with red roses

Roses are often associated with love, and red roses can symbolise passion. If you want to send funeral flower ideas for women, consider sending a casket arrangement of red roses or pink lilies, especially if the deceased was an avid fan of romantic movies.

Bouquet or basket of Daffodils

Basket of daffodils

Daffodils are often associated with hope and new beginnings. If you’re looking for a funeral flower message that captures the essence of the deceased, consider sending a bouquet or basket of daffodils.

Basket, box, or plain arrangement of mixed flowers

Two bright flower arrangements in pots

A basket, box or plain arrangement are excellent funeral flower ideas for women. If you’re looking to send funeral flowers that are beautiful and eye-catching, consider sending a mixed bouquet in a wicker basket, box or even as a plain bunch. You can include any flower the deceased loved most during their lifetime.

Bouquet of Lilies

White lillies
Pink lillies

White or pink lilies are often considered funeral flowers because they were used to decorate tombs in ancient Egypt. If you’re looking for a traditional funeral flower arrangement, consider sending a bouquet of lilies.

What to write when sending flowers for a Death

There are various ways you can express your condolences and support by sending funeral flower arrangements. But, what should you write on the card when sending flowers for death or funeral service? If you want to convey your deepest sentiments through your arrangement, consider including a message along with your flowers.

Here are some popular funeral flower message ideas to consider:

“You will always be in our hearts.” or “Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.”

“I am so sorry for your loss.”

“God Bless You During This Sad Time.”

“With Deepest Sympathy on the Loss of Your Loved One.” “Our hearts are breaking with your loss/s.”

“Sending you all our love during this difficult time.”

“With Deepest Sympathy.”

“With Sincere Condolences on Your Loss.”

“Thinking of You in This Sad Time with Warmth and Love!”

“Sending My Tender Thoughts, Prayers & Heartfelt Support to You All During This Difficult Period. I am so sorry for your loss/s.”

“In Loving Memory of Your Beloved _____. May the Angels surround you, giving you divine comfort and peace during this time.”

“We are deeply sorry for your loss.”

“With Deepest Sympathy in Your Recent Loss.”

“Sending You Warmth and Love at This Sad Time. May God’s Angels Protect You All…”

“May God’s Loving Arms Comfort You During This Time of Grief.”

“With Sincere Condolences on Your Loss.”

More examples of what to write can often be found in funeral poems.

Alternative and named floral arrangements

Bowling ball flower arrangement

The deceased was a keen bowls player

Heart shaped funeral flowers

A relative of the deceased conveys their bleeding heart

Navy hat flower wreath

The deceased served in the Navy

Cross shaped funeral flowers
Grandad + dad funeral flowers
Nan funeral flowers
Mum funeral flowers
Brother funeral flowers display
Heart shaped roses funeral arrangement


Now that you have seen the various funeral flower ideas, you will hopefully know more of what flower arrangement to send. For example, if you want to send flowers for men, consider sending a casket spray arrangement of what is considered more masculine colours, and the opposite for women.

Alternatively if you’re looking to send biblical funeral flower ideas, consider sending garden stones with bible verses. The options are endless, and there are no hard and fast rules as to what colour flowers to use. This is particularly relevant if the deceased was a keen gardener and enjoyed many different flowers. 

Whenever ordering flowers it is advisable to save money and order directly from the florist.

If you would like to learn more about locating low-cost funerals, low-cost headstones, natural burials, DIY funerals, free financial help from the Government and charities as well as bereavement support, then please visit Save Funeral Costs™

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