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Finding the ideal funeral poem for the service of a loved one can be challenging and tricky. Poetry can capture a person’s spirit and provide a lasting legacy, whether you’re searching for something traditional, inspirational, or humorous.


Save Funeral Costs has compiled a collection of blog posts dedicated to funeral poems, chosen for their ability to remind us that our loved ones will always be with us in our memories. Whether it is a poem about saying goodbye, finding peace, or honouring a life well lived, these timeless poems, traditional and modern, are sure to bring comfort in times of grief.

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Funeral poetry and advice on how to write and read a funeral poem.

Winifred Mary Letts

Alive, a funeral poem by Irish poet Winifred Mary Letts.

Christina Rosetti

When I am Dead my Dearest, a funeral poem by English poet Christina Rossetti.

Henry Scott Holland

All is Well, a funeral poem by English poet Henry Scott Holland.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Crossing the Bar, a funeral poem by English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Alan Seeger

I Have a Rendezvous with Death, a funeral poem by American poet Alan Seeger.

Walt Whitman

O Captain! my Captain!, a funeral poem by American poet Walt Whitman.

Christina Rosetti

Remember, a funeral poem written by English poet Christina Rossetti.

Maya Angelou

When Great Trees Fall, a funeral poem by American poet Maya Angelou.

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