Funeral Packages

Most low-cost undertakers offer cheaper funeral packages.

Funeral Packages

Most low-cost undertakers offer different lower price funeral services which are often sold as funeral packages. Sometimes the costs are not fixed but plus disbursements. To help save funeral costs, you’ll want to look at as many options as possible. The three main questions about funeral packages are:

What is included? ,

Do you need everything?

How does this funeral service compare to non-package funerals?

What are funeral packages?

Undertakers typically bundle together a range of funeral services, such as the cost of the coffin, care of the deceased, transportation, embalming, and other funeral-related expenses. By bundling these services together as a package, undertakers can offer a lower overall price instead of each service purchased separately.

Are funeral packages worth the money?

This is a matter of opinion, but there are certainly some good and bad points that you will want to consider. It’s sensible to carefully read the details of the funeral package and compare it to the individual costs of each service. Undertakers may include services in the package which are not required for your needs. These services could end up increasing the overall cost of the funeral. For example, you wanted to change the coffin for one that you may have purchased and decorated, it may not be possible to deduct the cost of the coffin in the package as it is part of the package.

Additionally, a funeral package may not include all the costs (disbursements) associated with a funeral, such as burial plot fees, obituary notices or order of service booklets. You should be aware of these additional costs and take them into consideration. It’s important to compare prices, and ask questions to ensure the package meets your needs and budget.

Benefits of funeral services in a package

  • Cost savings: They often offer a discounted price compared to purchasing each service separately. This can help families save money during a difficult time.
  • Convenience: They include a range of services that are needed for a funeral, such as transportation, organisation, and facilities. This can make the process more convenient for families.
  • Peace of mind: They can provide peace of mind for families, knowing that all necessary services are included and that the funeral will be handled by professionals.
  • Professional guidance: The services of a funeral director can provide guidance and support to families throughout the planning process.
  • Transparency: Funeral packages typically provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved, so families can understand exactly what they are paying for and avoid unexpected expenses.

Disadvantages of funeral packages

Some people feel they have not had as much control over the funeral plans as they would have liked. With many packages you will have fewer options on things such as your choice of coffin, location and time of service. There may also be elements in the package that you do not need or want.

Similarly, you might find that the funeral doesn’t flow with the same level of personalisation as you would like. This lack of personalisation could leave you feeling upset and frustrated and are important points to consider.

Funeral services as a package

Funeral packages can provide families with a range of funeral services that can help ease the burden of planning a funeral and provide a meaningful farewell for their loved one.

They can also be one of the cheapest ways to include different services, if you are happy with everything in the package. You could look into different cheap funeral packages when searching online for funeral directors near me . You would be more likely to save money this way. Both TDM Funeral Services and BB Funerals offer lower cost packages.


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