Save Funeral Costs Blog


General cost saving points for the best way to save for a funeral


  • Use low-cost undertakers firstly or independent undertakers secondly
  • Burial plot costs can often greatly vary, enquire about burial plot costs in different areas, or natural burial sites
  • If it was the wish of the deceased/and or family then organise a direct cremation for the most cost saving service
  • Book the reception/wake venue directly not through a third party such as an undertaker
  • Provide the catering for a reception/wake yourself
  • Do not hire additional transport such as limousines to the crematorium or church
  • Purchase any flowers directly from the florist
  • Purchase the coffin yourself directly from a coffin supplier (if you have purchased a funeral package from an undertaker this may not be possible)
  • Book the Minister, Vicar, Humanist, Celebrant, Religious leader/ person yourself to conduct the service/eulogy
  • In the case of cremations purchase an urn for ashes directly from a manufacturer/supplier
  • Purchase any headstones directly from a monumental mason
  • Purchase any booklets/special service booklets directly from a printing company
  • If you require special/unusual funeral hearse transport then look for and book a supplier yourself
  • If organising a cremation in UK, use a council/government run crematorium not a privately run one
  • If shopping around for a funeral plan then deal with an independent provider who are not tied to a specific company