The Guide to Affordable Funerals

The Save Funeral Costs book helps you organise an affordable funeral and save more. When you lose a loved one, the last thing on your mind is finding an undertaker who carries out affordable funerals. You are focused on grief and getting through the funeral planning as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this means you are making financial decisions while under stress, which is often a costly mistake.

The Save Funeral Costs book explains how to have the cheapest possible funeral while maintaining dignity for your loved one and family members.

By having the knowledge, you can avoid making costly decisions that can prevent you from looking for an undertaker who can provide affordable funerals.

Save Funeral Costs is written from personal experience. The same undertaker that my family had used for over thirty years had always previously provided a good service for a reasonable cost, but was now very expensive.

After research I discovered that low-cost undertakers can provide the same service for far less. Other important cost-saving methods are also listed in the guide.

The book clearly explains how to arrange an affordable funeral, free† Government and charity financial help, as well as support for bereavement from leading organisations.

Free† financial help applies if the claimant is in receipt of certain Government benefits or is eligible for charity help.

2nd Edition

This 2nd edition book includes more valuable information which includes links to:

  • Bereavement advice and support from leading organisations
  • Will writing help
  • Free† Government & charity financial help
  • Terminal illness benefits
  • Government probate information
  • Low-cost probate services
  • Lower cost headstones suppliers
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Low-cost funeral expenses

Just because you choose a low-cost funeral service does not mean that your loved one will have a poor-quality send-off. You can achieve an affordable funeral cost while still honouring your family member.

Affordable Funerals

This high-value, low-cost Save Funeral Costs book can show you how to plan an affordable funeral and save around 50%* compared to many funeral costs.

Save around 50% based on SunLife Cost of Dying 2023 report, which states the average cost of a basic cremation was £3673 in 2022. Low-cost TDM Funeral Services Simple Service £1941. This is a 47% difference.

Research has shown that 1 in 5 families has trouble financing a funeral**

** Source SunLife Cost of Dying Report: 1 in 5 borrow money for funerals

As featured in a six-page article
The Farewells Magazine, Issue Four

Farewells magazine cover

Affordable funeral packages

Affordable funeral packages are offered by most low-cost undertakers which are in the book

Affordable Funeral Plans

Don’t wait until you have to plan a funeral to plan a funeral!

Take out an affordable funeral plan with a low-cost plan provider.

This established plan provider offers – Nationwide collection – Named funeral director – Choice of crematorium – Free will service with every plan.

The book covers low-cost funeral options

The death of a loved one can be an emotionally challenging time and it is easy to lose focus. People faced with having to organise an affordable funeral do not want, or have time to read a thick book. Most just want simple direct answers, with open pricing as I did at the time. The Save Funeral Costs book is written in a concise way.

The book will guide you step-by-step how to arrange a low-cost affordable funeral. From a very simple direct cremation to using a low-cost undertaker or organising a do-it-yourself home garden burial and natural burial.

The Funeral Directory included in the book lists many low-cost services and suppliers including:

• Undertakers • Coffins • Headstones • Dried flowers • Cremation ash jewellery and more.

A few points from the book are:

White cardboard coffin and flowers

Purchasing a wicker, wood or cardboard coffin


How to save costs on a reception

Cross with sunset in the background

How to book a religious or non-religious service

Hand on Calculator

Advice on how to save costs on burial plots

Old fashioned iron scales

How to compare different funeral plans

Cosmos flower blossom in garden

Organising a home funeral with a garden burial

Grass fields

How to locate a list of natural burial sites

Shaking hands

Cost-saving undertakers covering England

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† Free financial help applies if the claimant is in receipt of certain Government benefits or is eligible for charity help.

Save Funeral Costs founder, SW Barratt

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