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I hope you find reading this article useful

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An Affordable Funeral Service from TDM

Published: April 3, 2024

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Finding an affordable funeral service is often not easy. Some sources suggest the average price for funeral services can be around £4,400, if not higher. This cost might not be an issue if your loved one had a funeral plan in place to cover the costs. But, if you have to pay this because there was no money set aside for a funeral, this can be a huge amount to be out of pocket. Despite these rising costs, some low budget funeral providers such as TDM Funeral Services are in a position to offer affordable funeral services in Kent.

One of the reasons TDM funeral services can offer a lower cost than the ones charged by mainstream funeral providers is because they provide a vast range of tailored funeral options, resulting in lower costs for each client. No person is the same as another and tailored funerals can reflect this and save you money. The heart of this company is a drive to offer low-cost funerals that relieve some of the burden of bereavement.

What to do if there is a death at home

If your loved one passes away in the home, it can be a distressing time. But there are several steps that must be completed. Firstly, your local doctor must be informed who will be required to issue the relevant medical certificates so you may register the death.

Next, inform a professional funeral director. TDM affordable funeral service is on hand 24/7, 365 days a week to attend in the event of a death. They can take your loved one into their care and assist you with the funeral arrangements. In the meantime, you should register the death by arranging an appointment with the registrar’s office – the person who does this must be able to answer questions about the person who died.

Planning an affordable funeral service

When it comes to planning an affordable funeral service , there are many different things that need to be taken into consideration that will affect the budget.

  • Expensive does not mean better: As much as we would love to give our loved ones a lavish send off, a more expensive funeral is not necessarily better. If you have to pay for the funeral yourself, there is a good chance that your loved ones do not want you getting into debt over it.
  • Do not stress about the costs: There is a terrible rumour that tells people that talking about the cost of a funeral is disrespectful. This is not the case everyone should be encouraged to discuss the cost and budget. It is important to know how much you have to spend and what the budget is so that you do not get into debt or end up with a funeral that you cannot afford to pay for.
  • Memories matter: Having a lavish send off will mean nothing without the memories that you had together. Choosing the right music and having the right people speak can be a much better experience for everyone than a large ceremony.
  • What would they have wanted? If your loved one had a plan in place, they would have stated what they want for their funeral. However, if you have been left to plan things, it is important to think about what they would have liked for their final farewell.

An affordable funeral service

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Funerals are not an easy thing to plan for at any stage. Some people like to be organised and have their arrangements planned out and paid for in advance. Some other people cannot bring themselves to organise the plans themselves.

If you are planning the details of your own funeral and making arrangements in advance, saving for funeral expenses can be quite a challenge. If you must arrange the funeral of a recently deceased loved one who did not have a funeral plan in place, you’ll want to look at inexpensive funeral options, especially if funds are tight.

It doesn’t matter if you need to save for funeral costs or pay in a lump sum. It makes sense to seek the cheapest possible funeral that meets all your needs. The best way to save for a funeral is thought by many as putting money aside each month into a savings account. However, this is not an option for many people.

 As part of their service, they can also advise and assist clients who are reliant on DWP and other benefits, helping to fill out the relevant application forms. Their primary aim is to alleviate the financial pressures of funerals, which is why they offer clearly-priced, low-cost funerals.

TDM are for many the affordable funeral service,  they offer a range of affordable cremation and burial options to suit all requirements and budgets.  You may not necessarily need to have a large savings pot that is for your funeral costs. What’s more, you can depend on them to provide probably the cheapest funeral services without cutting corners on the quality of service.

Woman holding cremation urn

Cheap cremation choices

Cremation is typically cheaper than a burial, but even cremation costs have spiralled high in recent years. The main reason why cremation is a lot cheaper than burial is due to high costs of burial plots. As this is a cheaper option, many people are choosing this over a traditional burial. It is still possible to have a service and a traditional funeral with a cremation. As there is no burial, it is considered a more environmentally friendly option.

Of course, the costs can rise as extras are added on but the process is still a lot cheaper than other methods. Thankfully, TDM funeral service can assist customers by providing affordable cremations. There is a range of options when it comes to your loved ones ashes and how they can be stored, such as in an urn. Some people might be uncomfortable with the idea of cremation, but TDM can discuss in detail how the process works and the costs that come with a cremation.

Cheapest burial cost choices


When it comes to searching online for a provider that offers the cheapest burial possible, TDM Funeral Services will undoubtedly have come up in your search results. They do not skimp on burials; they simply help customers arrange burials within their means. Having a burial for a funeral can cost thousands of pounds if the costs are not managed properly.

There are many different items that can add together to create a huge bill. If you would like a bespoke funeral package in Margate or elsewhere and likewise avoid a large bill during your time of grief, you should discuss your options and budget with TDM.

There are also different options and the cost of the grave is one of the items that is not always considered with enough thought.. If you do not live locally, there may be an extra charge for non-residents to be buried in the grave. There are also third-party fees (Disbursements) that may be involved. This could be anything from getting a death certificate to opening up the plot of the burial site.

Why should you choose TDM Funeral Services?

Searching for “low cost funerals near me” will yield a plethora of results. So why should you choose TDM instead of another low-cost undertaker? Simply often the largest cost of a funeral is to pay the funeral director. 

Searching online for “cheap funerals do it yourself” to save money, can be very consuming. You could simply use TDM to create a tailor-made package. During this emotional time, you need to be supported as you prepare to say goodbye to your loved one. The last thing that you need is to give yourself additional stress by planning a funeral yourself.

It is their pledge to find an affordable funeral service for each client that is within their means. They offer their services with no compromise on the quality of service provided.

These special services can be added to fully personalise a funeral.

  • Dove or balloon release
  • Specially-created memorial video
  • Order of service sheets
  • Musical tributes, such as bands or choirs
  • A range of coffins and caskets
  • Floral tribute hire
  • Family limousine
  • Motor, motorbike or horse-drawn hearse
Lucy Howard

Lucy Howard

A team with dedication to providing cheap funeral packages

Lucy Howard founded and runs TDM Funeral Services. She’s a funeral director with over 20 years of industry experience and created TDM as she wanted to offeran affordable funeral service which was accessible to all. Named after her daughters, she felt that the funeral sector had become increasingly expensive and had lost touch with what families really wanted when arranging the funeral of a loved one. 

Lucy felt the need to provide funerals that offered choice and allowed families to personalise funerals for the life they lived without the financial stress. Why should the cost of a funeral dictate how a family said goodbye to those they love most?

Lucy also wanted to offer families direct funeral services that really cared about families; services that, no matter how simple or inexpensive, did not compromise on care, tradition or quality.

Lucy is joined by Laura Kent, the funeral arranger. Laura has been a funeral arranger since 2006 and she helps guide families through all arrangements step by step. Working closely with families in London, Laura has a wealth of knowledge in offering those little inexpensive extras that really make our funerals special and unique. 

Debbie is the funeral arranger and office manager who looks after the families throughout Kent. Debbie takes great care and pride in making sure all those little details that really mean the most to the families are included in each and every service. A warm and caring member of the team who looks after the families as if they were a member of hers.

Danielle Whitehead is the team’s personal assistant. The funeral director’s personal assistant and an important member of the team. Danielle makes sure everyone on the team is looked after and has everything they need in order to help our families. Danielle is particularly important in the day-to-day logistics of the funeral home and funeral services. Together, this team works together to provide an affordable funeral service to assist you during this difficult time.

Who should you inform of a death?

Speaking about the death of a loved one may be painful, but it’s important in the long run to ensure all their affairs are in order. This avoids any confusion or difficulties down the line. When death occurs, a few key people need to be informed:

  • Insurance companies (including life insurance)
  • Landlord or housing department
  • TV licensing/electric/gas providers
  • Post office, bank or building society
  • Employer or school
  • Benefits agency
  • Credit card or loan companies
  • Inland Revenue
  • Accountant or solicitor
  • GP and dentist

Coverage across the South East of England

TDM Funeral Services are low-cost undertakers that cover a huge area of the southeast of England. They also provide support to all their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without exception. If you have any questions about funerals and the services that can be provided, you can reach out and get in touch.


TDM Funeral Services is here to support you as your funeral director of choice as you prepare to say goodbye to your loved one. This affordable funeral service is dedicated to helping you through this difficult time.

If you would like to learn more about locating low-cost funerals, low-cost headstones, natural burials, DIY funerals, free financial help from the Government and charities as well as bereavement support, then please visit Save Funeral Costs™

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