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Cheaper Cremation and Burial Services in 2024

Published: May 8, 2024

Are you currently searching for ‘cremations near me’ or seeking out ‘cheaper burials’? A funeral, while a significant event in one’s life, often comes with a hefty price tag. But what if there were ways to organise a more affordable funeral in the UK? Contrary to a common misconception, a dignified farewell need not break the bank. That’s why its very useful to have tips on cost-effective cremation options and burials, with valuable insights on significantly reducing funeral expenses. The money saved can be channelled into other meaningful aspects, such as a heartfelt wake or memorial service.

Remember, funeral costs in the UK can rocket, with some services surpassing ₤10,000. Traditional burials, in particular, can be very expensive, averaging around ₤5000, while direct cremations emerge as a more economical choice. For many families, the financial burden associated with the passing of a loved one can be overwhelming. However, cremations provide a meaningful way to honour and cherish their memory while being mindful of expenses. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to navigate cheap cremation services in the UK, ensuring you secure the best possible deal during a challenging time.

What’s cremation?

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Cremation, in its essence, is the process of transforming a deceased individual’s body into ashes through exposure to high temperatures. This practice has endured for centuries and provides an alternative to traditional burial or interment, particularly when burial space is scarce. In recent years, cremation has become an affordable and customisable choice.

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Today, the cremation decision is often influenced by personal preference and cost considerations. A significant advantage of cremation is its potential cost savings, allowing families to allocate funds to other meaningful aspects of their farewell, such as a memorial service or wake.

It’s crucial to remember that cremations can come with a significant price tag, averaging at about £3,700. Nevertheless, there are strategies to handle these costs, especially with budget constraints. Certain cremation providers offer pre-planned packages that encompass reduced charges and price cuts on various services such as body transport, preparing the deceased, and scheduling the service’s date and time.

Lower costs

Undertakers have varying pricing structures. To explore cost-effective options, and to save searching online for ‘cheap cremations UK’ and comparing quotes from different providers this article lists low-cost undertakers to simplify your search.

If you’re contemplating home arrangements or home burial, conducting research in advance is crucial, especially in larger cities with multiple crematoriums. Understanding which facility offers the most budget-friendly cremation services can help you save money. Often, council-run crematoriums offer lower costs compared to privately owned ones. Remember that some direct cremation packages may not provide a choice of crematorium, so careful planning is essential to manage expenses effectively.

The different types of cremation

Concerning cremation services, there’s a range of options to explore, each coming with its unique aspects and expenses. Grasping the distinctions among these cremation types can empower you to make a well-informed decision, whether you’re searching for “cremations near me” or “cheap cremation services.”

  1. Choice of Coffin: Your choice of coffin can impact the overall cremation cost. Some families opt for more elaborate coffins, while others choose simpler, cost-effective options.
  2. Service: Another factor is deciding whether to hold a service before the cremation. A traditional funeral service involves making the deceased available at a specific location, such as a church or chapel, for family and friends to view before cremation. This service adds to the overall expenses but can provide a meaningful farewell.
  3. Hearse Services: Using a hearse to transport the deceased to the crematorium from a funeral director’s location or for a funeral procession from the home address can increase costs.
  4. Choice of Crematorium: Different crematoriums may have varying pricing structures. Factors like location and facility amenities can affect the cost of cremation services.

Cremation following a traditional funeral

In cases of a traditional funeral, the deceased is typically made available for viewing at a specific location before cremation. This funeral ceremony often occurs at a church, chapel, or religious centre. Afterward, the body is moved to the crematory location for the cremation process. The cremated remains are then returned to the family or scattered in the crematorium gardens. While this option can be a meaningful farewell, it tends to be more expensive, with costs averaging around £3,700. However, choosing low-cost undertakers can significantly reduce these expenses.

Direct cremation

Direct cremation is a simpler option that does not involve a pre-funeral service. It takes place immediately, as scheduled by the crematorium, without attendees. This cremation has gained popularity, especially among those who wish to sidestep the complexities of traditional funerals. Its simplicity often translates to lower costs, making it a compelling option for numerous families.

Memorial service

A memorial service is a funeral ceremony held without the presence of the deceased. In most cases, the cremation occurs shortly after the death, and the memorial service follows. However, holding a memorial weeks or months after the demise is also possible. Memorial services provide an opportunity for family and friends to gather, remember, and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Affordable cremation options 

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YouGov’s data reveals an interesting trend – nearly 60% of UK people favour cremation. This inclination towards cremation starkly contrasts with the 25% who still choose traditional burial services. Additionally, 18% of individuals choose direct cremation. With cremation being the preferred option for most people, it’s thus essential to explore the various cremation choices and nearby affordable cremation services.

What cremation service offers a more economical option?

Direct cremation is the cheapest option when choosing the most affordable cremation service. This service doesn’t involve attendees or any formal ceremony, making it a cost-effective choice. It’s important to note that opting for direct cremation should not be seen as a compromise on the quality of the send-off for your loved one. In fact, renowned artist and singer David Bowie chose this option.

Direct cremation services offered by The Funeral Market can start as low as £895, which includes the return of ashes and dressing the deceased in a coffin gown. Farewill also offers cheaper direct cremations, with starting prices around £800, but additional services may increase the cost to approximately £950-£999. Both of these companies offer national coverage, and are listed further down under Low-cost undertakers.

Choosing a cheaper direct cremation can result in significant savings compared to a traditional funeral service. Besides the financial benefits, one of the key advantages of direct cremation is its ease during difficult times. With no need to organise mourners or a formal wake, you can focus on supporting your family and cherishing the memories you shared with your loved one. This simplicity can be a significant relief and comfort during mourning and loss.

Finding more affordable cremation services

When seeking affordable cremation services, knowing where to look and how to manage the costs effectively is important. Here are some valuable tips for finding cheap cremation services and financial assistance in the UK:

  1. Utilise established online sources: Save yourself from repetitive searches by using a reliable online source specialising in low-cost funerals. This will provide comprehensive information on affordable cremation options in your area.
  2. Explore financial assistance: Check if you qualify for financial aid from Government programs or charitable organisations. Some individuals may be eligible for support that can significantly reduce the cremation expenses.
  3. Family contributions: Discuss the costs with family members to see if they can help cover some or all expenses. Sometimes, pooling resources among relatives can ease the financial burden.
  4. Obtain multiple quotes: Don’t settle for the first funeral director you come across. Seek quotes from different funeral directors to compare their standardised price lists. This can help you find the most cost-effective option that suits your needs.
  5. Funeral directory: Explore a funeral directory for additional cost-saving services and suppliers. These directories often list various cremation and burial service options, allowing you to tailor your choices to your budget.

Choose direct cremation: Direct cremation eliminates the necessity for a traditional service, which can substantially cut expenses while still providing a heartfelt way to commemorate your dear one’s memory.

Low-cost undertakers

To aid you in your quest for budget-friendly cremation services, we’ve compiled a list of economical funeral directors who provide direct cremation as well as other cost-effective options for cremation and burial:

  • TDM Funeral Services serving South East England for cremation-related and burial services.
  • BB Funerals providing cremation and burial services in South East England and direct cremations in most of the UK.
  • The Funeral Market offers direct cremation and attended cremation services covering the entire UK and most islands (excluding Northern Ireland).
  • Farewill provides direct cremation services covering all of the UK.
  • Cremation Funeral specialising in direct cremation services in England and Wales.
  • Legacy Funerals serving east Yorkshire and Hull for cremations and burials.
  • Fairer Funerals for direct cremation, cremations, and burials covering Lancashire, Greater Manchester and nearby surrounding areas.
  • Mitchells Funerals offers direct cremation, cremations, and burials, primarily covering Southern Scotland. They also provide free funerals for individuals aged 17 years and under.
  • Caledonia Cremation offers direct cremation services covering mainland Scotland.
  • Direct Cremations Ireland provides direct cremation services covering Northern Ireland.

Keep in mind when searching for an inexpensive funeral

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Finding cheap cremations near you

When searching for low-cost or cheap cremation services nearby, it’s important to exercise caution. While some funeral providers may advertise themselves as affordable, not all offer cost-effective solutions. To simplify your search, refer to a reputable list of low-cost funeral directors, such as the abovementioned one. These local funeral directors often offer more budget-friendly options compared to national chains. To gauge potential costs, explore each funeral director’s standardised price list, usually available on their websites.

Select the right and affordable funeral

As you plan the funeral, prioritise affordability to prevent financial stress and avoid going into debt to cover the expenses. It’s essential to understand that opting for a low-cost funeral is not disrespectful but a sensible choice. Many Consider prepaid funeral plans, which lock in the funeral cost, shielding you from price increases.

Mindful flower costs

Flowers contribute to the beauty of the funeral service. You can save on flower expenses by exploring online florists that offer next-day delivery, often at a lower cost than traditional florists. Alternatively, consider using flowers from your garden or opting for seasonal blooms available at supermarkets.

Plan according to family size

When planning an affordable funeral, carefully consider the number of attendees. Smaller gatherings typically result in lower funeral wake costs, particularly regarding food expenses. Conversely, accommodating many attendees can be both logistically challenging and costly, so consider guest numbers thoughtfully.

Economical wake

To save money, consider organising the wake independently rather than relying on a funeral director’s services, which may be more expensive.

Tips on saving cremation and burial costs

When faced with managing funeral costs while honouring your loved one’s memory, exploring various ways to save on burial and cremation expenses in the UK is crucial. Consider eco-friendly options like natural burials, which typically cost around £800, excluding digging fees, providing a more affordable alternative to traditional burials. Also, research burial fees at local cemeteries compared to those further away, as cemeteries closer to home may charge higher fees for local parishioners.

To reduce expenses, opt for less popular days and times for burials and cremations, as weekday services incur lower costs. Moreover, direct cremation, a cost-effective option, eliminates many additional fees associated with traditional funeral services. But when choosing cremation, explore various crematoriums, compare their pricing structures, and confirm any potential ash scattering fees. Besides that, to minimise funeral director costs, compare quotes from low-cost providers, consider alternatives to pallbearers, and choose economical transportation options like estate cars or vans. Additionally, explore the affordability of eco-friendly or biodegradable coffins.

Finally, opt for cremation over burial for third-party costs, have a friend or family member lead the ceremony, and choose off-peak ceremony times. Also, utilising online invitations and printing service orders at home or public libraries can reduce expenses while ensuring a meaningful farewell for your loved one.


In conclusion, when seeking affordable funeral options in 2023, direct cremations emerge as a practical choice that reduces costs and simplifies the entire process. Services like The Funeral Market and Farewill offer accessible solutions, making it easier to find a “cheap direct cremation UK” or “cheap cremation near me.” While regional undertakers may provide more localised services at a slightly higher cost, direct cremations remain a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice due to their simplicity and reduced need for embalming. This option appeals to individuals and families looking for affordability, ease of organisation, and an eco-conscious approach.

If you would like to learn more about locating low-cost funerals, low-cost headstones, natural burials, DIY funerals, free financial help from the Government and charities as well as bereavement support, then please visit Save Funeral Costs™

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