Step 1: Low Cost Independent Undertakers

As this is a cost saving guide, focusing on value with customer service two low-cost independent undertakers are discussed and listed.

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There are two low-cost independent undertakers listed. Two operate in the south-east of England, but cover a huge area. BB Funerals also cover all of England with the ‘Direct Cremation’ funeral. Memoria, A national low-cost undertaker listed covers areas which the two independents do not.

Some people refer to a direct cremation as a cheap cremation, or cheap funeral. Importantly this does not mean that you will receive a cheap funeral service, you will receive a fully dignified service at a low-cost.

When making enquiries I would advise anyone to ask for an email or written scale of costs. This way you can be clear that you know what the final amount will be if shopping around. It can also save unnecessary telephone calls to the undertaker if you forget to ask or write something down when speaking to them on the telephone.

Searching for low-cost funerals online

If you wanted to search on the internet for low-cost funerals and live for example in Coventry, then the search would be: ‘low-cost undertakers in Coventry’. Other search terms such as inexpensive funeral services or cheapest funeral possible are also popular search terms. However, it is not always clear as to who is a low-cost undertaker and searching can be time-consuming. It is for this reason that there are three listed in the guide, with Memoria covering all of the UK. Sometimes people who have diagnosed signs of cancer and may be receiving cancer treatment are prompted to think more of putting their affairs in order and look into trying to save funeral expenses by arranging a low-cost funeral.

Direct Cremations

The basic low cost ‘Direct Cremations’ funerals are where the deceased is collected, and then later taken to the crematorium in a simple wood veneered coffin. If you wish, you can have the ashes delivered to you at a later date. At present this service is approximately £950.00. Doctor’s certificates are sometimes extra as is having the ashes delivered back to you.

The second low-cost option is as above, but you can choose the crematorium, and have relatives attend. This will cost more and can be plus disbursements. Disbursements vary from different undertakers, so it is always best to get an emailed or written scale of costs. Various Disbursements are listed.

There are often other packages available, along with special services such as those also listed by TDM Funeral Services under Low-cost independent undertakers. Using Low-cost undertakers is the best way to save for a funeral.

Saving on Funeral Expenses

As a rough guide, the two listed low-cost independent undertakers will normally charge around 50% of what many high street undertakers charge for the same funeral, excluding a reception. A reception is not normally quoted for as standard costs, as not all customers would like one. Most undertakers can arrange this if needed.

All undertakers whether independent online or not can also arrange a vicar or humanist to carry out the service so that you do not have to do any more work.

At this stage, when it comes to saving for funeral expenses even if you only do this and nothing more listed below you would have already saved a large amount of money. This simple process is often welcomed by people sadly suffering from a non-treatable type of cancer, as it can be an easy to arrange inexpensive funeral.

Sometimes the close family and friends travel in the limousine behind the hearse. You could also save more monies by asking your guests to make their way to the crematorium or cemetery. Therefore a limousine would not be needed, just a hearse for the coffin.

If, however, you wish to save more monies and put in a little more time then you could look into  Steps 2, 3 and 4, by simply telling the independent undertaker that you will arrange someone to carry out the service and that you will be supplying the coffin and organising the reception. If you have arranged a direct cremation or package, then you may not be able to change the coffin.

Steps 1 to 5

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