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I hope you find reading this article useful

Thank you, SW Barratt

funeral flower message card

What to Write on a Funeral Flower Card

Published: October 13, 2023

Grieving the loss of someone dear is a heavy burden to bear. In times when words seem inadequate, the silent language of funeral flowers steps in, offering solace and a tender farewell. Accompanying these floral tributes are small funeral flower cards that carry heartfelt messages of condolence and support. However, crafting the right message can be daunting during such a sensitive time. This guide offers guidance and examples of funeral flower card messages to help you convey your sympathies and love.

What to write on funeral flower cards

Funeral flower messages are brief but impactful. They serve as a token of your sympathy and a source of comfort to the grieving family. When composing your message, consider your relationship with the deceased and the recipient of the flowers. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Keep it simple: Funeral flower card messages should be concise and easily read. A few carefully chosen words can convey your sentiments effectively.
  2. Express sympathy: Let the bereaved know you are thinking of them during this difficult time. Express your condolences genuinely and sincerely.
  3. Personalise your message: If you had a personal connection with the deceased, consider sharing a brief memory or mentioning their positive qualities.
  4. Offer support: Reassure the grieving family that you are there for them if they need anything. Your support can provide great comfort.
  5. Religious or spiritual messages: If appropriate, you can include religious or spiritual sentiments that align with the deceased’s or their family’s beliefs.

Now, let’s explore funeral flower card messages tailored to specific relationships and situations:

The examples below offer guidance which can be used directly as they are or likewise you may wish to combine parts from different messages.

Funeral flower card messages for Mum

  1. Mum, your love, rests in peaceful eternity.
  2. Best Mum, your love lives forever.
  3. Love you, dear Mum, always.
  4. Mum, your kindness lingers in our hearts.
  5. In loving memory of a wonderful Mum.
  6. Always loved, forever missed, endlessly remembered.
  7. Our deepest condolences for your loss.
  8. Cherishing Mum’s love, warmth, and happiness.
  9. Mum’s love remains in our hearts.
  10. In loving memory of a loving Mum.
  11. Heaven gained an Angel, our dear Mum.
  12. Your strength, Mum, forever cherished.
  13. Precious memories of our beloved Mum.
  14. Mum, your love lights our path.
  15. With love and sympathy, we remember Mum.
  16. In our hearts, Mum, you’re missed.
  17. Mum, you were truly remarkable.
  18. Rest in peace, dear Mum.
  19. Mum, your legacy is love.
  20. Loving thoughts of our dear Mum.
  21. Mum, your memory brings warmth.
  22. Forever in our hearts, beloved Mum.
  23. A mother’s love, always cherished.
  24. Thank you for being our Mum.
  25. Mum, your love endures eternally.
  26. Your love and kindness, Mum, remembered.
  27. We hold you in our hearts, Mum.
  28. Cherished moments with our dear Mum.
  29. Mum’s love, our guiding light.
  30. In loving memory of Mum.
  31. Mum, forever in our thoughts.
  32. Your love lives on, dear Mum.
  33. Our deepest condolences for your loss.
  34. Mum’s love warms our hearts.
  35. In loving memory of a loving Mum.
  36. Mum, your love is our strength.
  37. Forever cherished, dear Mum.
  38. Mum, your love surrounds us.
  39. Your kindness lives on, Mum.
  40. Mum, you’re deeply missed.
  41. Rest peacefully, dear Mum.
  42. In our hearts, Mum, always.
  43. Mum, your love endures.
  44. Loving memories of our Mum.
  45. Mum, you’ll never be forgotten.
  46. With love and sympathy for your loss.

Funeral flower card messages for Dad

  1. Forever my first friend, my last love.
  2. Dad, you gave me wings to soar.
  3. Bravest heart, strongest soul—my Dad.
  4. Your steadfast belief shaped my identity.
  5. You reside within my heart, a constant presence.
  6. You paved my path; I miss you.
  7. To the world, a Dad; to us, the world.
  8. Special man, you’re a true Dad.
  9. Your guiding hand is my lifelong treasure.
  10. Dad, forever my hero, my world.
  11. Dad, your absence leaves an endless void.
  12. In our hearts and minds, you live on.
  13. Cherished moments, forever in my heart.
  14. Your influence on my existence is beyond measure.
  15. Love you, Dad, beyond words can say.
  16. Our prayers and love for you, Dad.
  17. Brightened our world, dearly missed, Dad.
  18. Forever remembered, Dad, in our hearts.
  19. Guiding light, your legacy continues.
  20. Memories bring smiles, Dad, we love you.
  21. Rest in peace, Dad, deeply missed.
  22. You were the world’s best, my love.
  23. Always in my heart, my dear Dad.
  24. Forever missed, always in my heart.
  25. Wonderful Dad, I love and miss you.
  26. Love you, Dad, rest in peace.
  27. You were the best, my heartfelt love.
  28. You left memories that always comfort us.
  29. Dad, you’re missed; your love endures.
  30. Forever in our hearts, dear Dad.
  31. Strength, love, forever part of us.
  32. Dad, remembered in our hearts, and in our thoughts forever.
  33. Memories bring smiles, tears, and love.
  34. Your love surrounds us, Dad, always.
  35. Dearly missed, forever in our hearts.
  36. A true hero, forever remembered, Dad.
  37. Dad, your memory brings endless love.
  38. Dad, you’ll never be forgotten, always loved.
  39. Rest in peace, Dad, deeply cherished.
  40. Forever our guiding light, dear Dad.
  41. No words can express my missing you.
  42. Life’s not the same; I always miss you.
  43. Through thick and thin, thank you, Dad.
  44. Rest in peace, Dad, you’re in peace.
  45. Life without you is a void forever.
  46. Your love lives on in our hearts.

Funeral flower card messages for Sister

  1. Deepest condolences, sister’s funeral flowers. Eternal peace, dear sibling.
  2. Farewell, beloved sister. Condolences, flowers, eternal peace in heaven.
  3. Farewell, sister. Funeral flowers for your peaceful rest.
  4. My loving sister is a big loss. Funeral blessings, eternal peace in prayers.
  5. Beloved sister, farewell. Flowers and prayers for your peace.
  6. Cherished memories of [Deceased Name], sister and friend.
  7. With love, a gift in memory of your sister.
  8. Deepest sympathies on your sister’s loss. Sending love and hugs.
  9. Prayers for comfort. Your sister’s light will shine forever.
  10. Thoughts and prayers with you. Your sister will be missed.
  11. Dear Sis, my best friend. Miss you every day.
  12. Cherishing love and memories, forever in our hearts.
  13. Strength in good times and bad. Thank you, dear sis.
  14. You taught me to live. Love you always, dear sis.
  15. Dearly loved, dear sis. Miss you dearly, forever.
  16. In loving memory of a dear sister.
  17. Beloved sister, cherished memories.
  18. Gone but not forgotten, in our hearts.
  19. Tranquillity within the recollection of a lovely existence.
  20. A wonderful sister lost. Strength in memories.
  21. In memory of my sister and friend.
  22. Miss your laughter, support, and love.
  23. Remembering your kindness, love, and bond.
  24. Treasure in my heart, forever, dear sister.
  25. Miss and love you more than words, sister.
  26. Forever a part of me, your love and spirit.
  27. Dear sister, miss your love and laughter.
  28. Source of strength, joy, and love. Miss you, sis.
  29. Best sister, missed dearly. Fond memories remain.
  30. Your spirit lights my path, forever, sister.
  31. Dearly loved, dear sister.
  32. Best friend, missed every day.
  33. Strength in good times and bad.
  34. Taught me how to live.
  35. Loved dearly, dear sis.
  36. Deepest condolences, sister’s loss.
  37. Heart aches for you. Prayers for strength.
  38. Special person, fond memories. Eternal memory.
  39. Wishing peace and strength. Sincerest sympathy.
  40. Blessing to have known your sister. Fond memories.
  41. Sister’s early departure, our thoughts with you.
  42. Fond memories of your sister, not forgotten.
  43. Truly sorry for your loss. She meant so much.
  44. Sister meant the world to us.

Funeral flower card messages for Brother

  1. Strength, gratitude, love for my dear brother.
  2. Beloved brother, in my heart forever.
  3. Best friend, daily missed. Cherished memories.
  4. Guide through life, love never-ending.
  5. In Loving Memory Of My Big Brother
  6. Hugs, thoughts, love, and prayers for you.
  7. Thoughts and prayers during your loss.
  8. Peace and well wishes for your dear brother.
  9. Deepest condolences, (deceased’s name) in our hearts.
  10. Heard the sad news. Our thoughts are with you.
  11. Heartfelt condolences from your work family.
  12. So sorry for your loss, prayers for you.
  13. God took you, special style remembered.
  14. Kind, caring brother, missed by all.
  15. Our beloved Brother, cherished memories forever.
  16. Strength in good times, my dear Brother.
  17. Dear Brother, loved deeply in my heart.
  18. Memories cherished, forever in my heart.
  19. Best brother, words can’t express my love.
  20. In loving memory of a dear brother.
  21. Cherished memories of a beloved brother.
  22. Gone from sight, never from our hearts.
  23. Comfort, peace in beautiful memories.
  24. World lost a wonderful brother.
  25. Strength, peace in loving memories.
  26. Joy, laughter, Heaven’s place now.
  27. Dear bro, best friend, miss you daily.
  28. Cherishing love, memories forever in heart.
  29. Strength in good times, thanks, dear Brother.
  30. Time and again, you showed me love.
  31. Dear Brother, loved deeply, missed daily.
  32. Sorry to hear about your brother’s passing.
  33. Heartfelt condolences in this challenging time.
  34. Sorry for your loss. Here for you.
  35. Can’t imagine your family’s grief. Here to help.
  36. Praying for your peace during this difficult period.
  37. He will always be remembered as a light.
  38. No words, but here if you need.
  39. Heart goes out to your family. Never forget.
  40. In this challenging time, heartfelt condolences to you.

Funeral flower card messages for Nan/Grandma



  1. Beloved Nan, your love warms our hearts.
  2. Nan, your stories and laughter live on.
  3. Nan’s wisdom and love forever guide us.
  4. Strength and love defined you, dear Nan.
  5. Nan’s spirit lights our path eternally.
  6. Love and kindness, Nan’s legacy we honour.
  7. Cherished memories of Nan in our hearts.
  8. Nan, the heart of our family, we miss.
  9. Memories of Nan bring eternal smiles.
  10. Nan’s love and warmth are always with us.


  1. Precious memories of grandma warm our hearts forever.
  2. Roses for you in heaven Grandma, Love you dearly.
  3. Tears build the stairway to Heaven. Miss you Grandma.
  4. Grandma taught all but how to live without her.
  5. Grateful for her lessons and endless love.
  6. Grandma’s warm welcome, a cherished memory.
  7. Mom and Grandma, queens who raised me.
  8. Grandma’s wisdom: every day is a fresh start.
  9. Just realised how much I adore you Grandma.
  10. Your love, smile, and gentle ways, Grandma, missed.
  11. You reassured us with a smile. Incredibly important Grandma.
  12. I prayed for healing, and admired your bravery Grandma.
  13. Vivid memories of you, my queen warrior.
  14. You’ll support me from above, Grandma.
  15. Your heart, irreplaceable. Farewell, dear Grandma.
  16. Shocked by your serene appearance, Grandma.
  17. Your love still brings us happiness, Grandma.
  18. In Christ’s arms, you find eternal rest, Grandma.
  19. A steadfast foundation, Grandma, always loved.
  20. Yummy meals and your love, Grandma.
  21. Miss you until we reunite in eternity.
  22. I close my eyes, feel your embrace.
  23. Avoid colds and irate folks, Grandma said.
  24. Time may pass, but I remember you.
  25. Always saw the good, a heart of gold.
  26. Grandma-sized hole in my heart forever.
  27. Rest in peace, dear Grandma.
  28. Sadder than you’ll ever know, Grandma.
  29. One more call, hug, or gathering, impossible.
  30. My pillar of strength, a soldier like you.
  31. Comforted in the Lord’s embrace, Grandma.
  32. Deeply missed, thank you, Grandma.
  33. Stay with us a while longer, sweet Granny.
  34. You’ll always be in my heart.
  35. Memories shared, a special place.
  36. Hate to see you leave, Grandma.
  37. Your memories live on, Grandma.
  38. My Sunshine, you are missed.
  39. Your legacy endures, sweet Grandma.
  40. Thankful for your affection and guidance.
  41. You inspired us to be better.
  42. Your influence on us is immeasurable.
  43. Rest in peace, dear Grandma.
  44. Your legacy lives on, Grandma.
  45. Your good deeds are remembered.
  46. Your lessons guide us still, Grandma.

Funeral flower card messages for Grandad

  1. Brightened world, dearly missed Grandad.
  2. Grandad, memories live on.
  3. Long, love-filled life, heart’s legacy.
  4. Family joy, rest in peace.
  5. Best Grandad, forever in thoughts and hearts.
  6. Grandad, close to my heart always.
  7. Miss kindness, strength, wisdom. Rest, Grandad.
  8. Brightened life, always missed, Grandad.
  9. Shaped who I am, forever grateful.
  10. Prayer, flower, candle, tears, dear grandad.
  11. Condolences for Grandad’s passing, hearts in sorrow.
  12. Lovely grandad, eternal peace, memories.
  13. Condolences, grief, and sorrow for granddad.
  14. Loving grandad, deepest condolences, peace.
  15. Funeral flowers for beloved grandad, eternal peace.
  16. Sending condolences for my beloved Grandad.
  17. Grandad’s memory lives on forever.
  18. Light in darkness, missed always.
  19. Kindness, compassion, grateful for love.
  20. Carrying your memory in my heart.
  21. Inspiration in life, I wish for more time.
  22. Miss kindness, wisdom, wit. Rest in peace.
  23. Shaped who I am today, proud.
  24. Grandad in our hearts, love from grandchildren.
  25. In memory of Grandad, loved by all.
  26. We love you, Graddy, deeply missed.
  27. Grandad’s memory lives on in us.
  28. Grandad’s love, cherish and keep.
  29. In tribute, loving Grandad, we love you.
  30. Sending love for dear Grandad, rest in peace.
  31. Thinking of Grandad, peanut butter cookies, peonies, hugs.
  32. Grandad (name), made the world happier, deeply missed.
  33. In memory of our Grandad, fondly remembered.
  34. Amazing, inspiring grandad in my life.
  35. Thoughts and prayers to family, share memories.
  36. Dad, Grandad’s loss hard on you. Peace.
  37. Mom, great care for Grandad, love and devotion.

Funeral flower card messages for a friend

  1. Beautiful soul remembered forever in our hearts.
  2. A life well-loved, deeply missed. Here for you.
  3. Cherished memories, everlasting love. Always with you.
  4. Missing you daily. May God’s peace surround you.
  5. In memory of a dear friend, our hearts are heavy.
  6. Our thoughts and prayers are yours, always.
  7. Compassion and affection during this period of sadness.
  8. Friends may come and go, but your memory stays.
  9. Saying goodbye is tough; you are missed!
  10. Searching for words, here to support you.
  11. Ready to be there whenever you need.
  12. A listening ear, a shoulder to lean on.
  13. My deepest condolences, a call away.
  14. Accept my heartfelt sympathy; I’m here to stand by you.
  15. Blessed to have known [name], in our hearts.
  16. Truly sorry, [name] will be remembered.
  17. [Name] brought joy, laughter, and happiness.
  18. Wishing you comfort and peace. Condolences.
  19. Never forgotten, always in our hearts.
  20. [Name] rests in peace, forever cherished.
  21. Can’t imagine your sadness. Here for you.
  22. Special memories with [name], a blessing.
  23. No words for [name]’s loss. Remembering them.

For more creative ideas for what to write on a message card visit 34 Messages for Funeral Cards and Flowers. Additionally for ideas on a sympathy card, visit Thoughtful Ideas for Sympathy Card Messages.


In moments filled with emotion, your heartfelt condolences and support can comfort those navigating the path of grief. Whether it’s a cherished family member, a dear friend, or someone close, these messages for funeral flowers offer a loving way to convey your sympathy and ensure the memory of the departed lingers on in the hearts of those who held them dear.

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