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About 20% of funerals are now paid in advance with a funeral plan.

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About 20% of funerals are now paid in advance with a funeral plan. One of their selling points is that by purchasing a plan your cost is fixed; therefore you will be saving money, should the funeral be a while into the future. There are different points to consider with a funeral plan. People often search for affordable funeral plans, cheap funeral plans or cheap cremation plans when researching a value for money plan provider.

They can offer an individual peace of mind by arranging and paying for their funeral in advance. This makes life easier for the relatives as apart from the funeral date, ordering flowers and visiting the person conducting the service, everything is arranged and generally paid for. If you are considering a funeral plan, you should check the funeral plan as to what it covers, to ensure that the relatives are not left with a responsibility to pay. You should also look into a plan to see if it still covers you if you move to a different area.

Although you may be fixing the cost by paying for a funeral plan, these plans are at present not regulated. However, Funeral Plan Market who are an established independent funeral plan provider who provides excellent swift customer service. They also operate a 7-day ‘price promise guarantee’ and state:

“When you pay for your funeral plan the money is held in trust (or is some cases in a whole of life policy) your money is completely protected so even if the funeral plan provider or funeral director went out of business your money will still be safe and secure to pay for your funeral”
Funeral Plan Market

Additionally there are no restrictions for terminally ill people or those undergoing cancer treatment.

The quality consumer magazine ‘Which‘ have also stated that Funeral Plan Market is a good place to look for pre-paid funeral plans.

Funeral Plan Market also has a Primary Authority relationship with West Yorkshire trading standards. As they are independent they can offer quality advice from over 90 different funeral plans.

Details of Funeral Plan Market and how to book an affordable funeral plan are listed further on under Compare Funeral Plans. Or simply click the logo below.

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