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I hope you find reading this article useful

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Discover a Secure Funeral Plan for 2024

Published: May 22, 2024

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is undoubtedly a tough time for anyone. Sadly, it can be made worse if the deceased made no arrangements for their funeral in advance or has not got enough money in their estate to cover funeral costs.

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More people are arranging prepaid funeral plans in advance where most pay for their funeral arrangements well in advance. There are many plan providers that offer prepaid funerals, and it can often be challenging to find cheap funeral plans.

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Plan with Grace (PWG) is a low-price UK funeral plan service that covers all of England, Wales, and Scotland. Purchasing a prepaid funeral plan offers peace of mind with guaranteed prices for your final arrangements. It’s important to check any funeral plan to see that it covers everything you require. If there is no life insurance policy, money should be saved if the plan does not cover burial plot fees, as these and headstones can be in the thousands of pounds. Flowers are also another consideration.

Prepaid funeral plan financial protection

In common with other funeral plan providers PWG is registered with the Financial Planning Authority, and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Burial and cremations plans along with direct cremations are carried out via local funeral directors throughout the UK. Being authorised by the FCA means that you are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What are cheap funeral plans?

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PWG provides bereaved families with a range of prearranged funerals to choose from.

By comparing cheaper funeral plans and cheaper direct cremations, anyone can find reputable options without compromising quality or service.

PWG offers:

  • 100% transparent service with no hidden fees
  • Only regulated funeral plans are compared
  • Low prices
  • Free will service
  • Doctors fees
  • Choice of crematorium
  • Cremation costs
  • Delivery of ashes

What are the benefits of funeral plans?

A funeral plan is a service that provides for all the elements of a traditional funeral at a price that is predetermined. The benefits of  low-cost funeral plans can be enjoyed by everyone who thinks about looking into one.

These include:

Peace of mind: 

Generally, there are no unexpected bills after your death, unless your funeral plan was a burial and did not cover burial plot fees. The paid upfront fees are far easier financially for the next of kin or family to deal with as they will not have to worry about making any last-minute decisions and financial sacrifices when they least expect it – at what can be an incredibly emotional time for everyone involved. Additionally, by paying in advance for your plan, your estate or family will not have to pay inflated future costs.

Save time: 

Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming process, but funeral plans provide all the answers. With a plan, you need a few phone calls to finalise most if not all elements, depending on the provider and plan taken out.

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Your chosen plan can then be passed onto your chosen person or people before you pass away without the need for any further financial contributions on their part. This ensures that all payments are arranged prior. Using a prepaid funeral plan is the only way to truly guarantee both affordability and peace of mind – and that’s why more and more people are turning to them every year.

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Prepaid funeral plans are a commitment to your family and friends that you have taken care of all aspects for when the time comes to say goodbye. With different plans, there really is something for most people.

They also offer finance options so you can spread the cost over several years. Being prepared for this day in advance enables your family and friends to grieve without any unwanted stress or financial pressure.

Direct cremation: A cheap cremation alternative

If you want as little fuss as possible after your death, direct cremation may be the perfect option for you. This means choosing an option where you won’t need to worry about a burial and is cheaper than traditional funerals. 

You can choose an urn to hold and preserve your ashes  or spread them in the desired location,  This will still give those closest to you a chance to say goodbye. With direct cremations, there’s no need to worry about expensive funeral services, a ceremony or catering for guests.

Many people choose direct cremation because it is lower-cost and simple to arrange when compared with other methods. This process requires no service or viewing before the funeral takes place. The body is normally collected by a funeral director immediately after death, unless a DIY funeral is being planned.

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For more information please visit Funeral Plans. Plan with Grace is dedicated to offering low-cost, high-quality services. All their pre-arranged funeral plans are designed to suit your needs at the lowest cost. PWG also came out as one of the best price plan providers in a Money Saving Expert article

If you would like to learn more about locating low-cost funerals, low-cost headstones, natural burials, DIY funerals, free financial help from the Government and charities as well as bereavement support, then please visit Save Funeral Costs™

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