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Male celebrity images

Discover who attended male celebrity funerals.

Mummies in coffins

What is embalming? – Embalming history explained through the years.

People singing

What are some of the most popular funeral hymns?- Discover on this blog post.

Coffin in a hearse

Find out what the latest funeral trends are.

Old stone cross in graveyard

Cost-saving funeral advice from Down to Earth by Quaker Social Action.

White marble round headstone

Discover Low-Cost TDM Funeral Services without compromising the quality.

Writing a death notice

Discover the importance of leaving a death notice.

Old English memorial cross

Learn about the changes in English headstone designs between 1714 – 2000.

Champagne being poured into glasses

Worried about organising a funeral wake? Learn how to how to make it a success.

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